Workshop Lasercutting - April 12 - Evening - English

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During our Workshop, everybody is a manufacturer!

This workshop has been developed especially to introduce **laser cutting** for everybody. The technique and the machines allow you to create so many fun things. Are you already familiar with the concept, or not?

What will we be doing during the Introduction Laser Cutting workshop?
- We will explain some things about safety
- We will introduce and show you a couple of machines used for laser cutting
- We will explain the different materials and different techniques to be used
- We will explain about the software to use
- You will be making a design for a small product. Of course with help if needed. There are plenty of materials and possibilities.
- And finally, your design will be manufactured. And you can take it home with you.

Would you like to get to know how to laser cut? Join this workshop by buying your ticket.

This workshop is in English
This workshop will be in English. If you do not feel comfortable, please choose another workshop.
Deze workshop wordt in het Engels gehouden. Uiteraard kunnen we vragen en hulp bieden in het Nederlands, maar het merendeel van de workshop zal dat niet zijn. Als je denkt dat je het Engels onvoldoende kan volgen, kies dan een van de andere workshops.

The location

Poetoeter has its own space in lively PlanB. This is a building with many creative people in Eindhoven. PlanB is housed in a former Philips building.

You can find Poetoeter on the 1st floor, unit 1.41

For more information on PlanB and the route to get there, please have a look at: Over PlanB


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